Our Story

Zamia Media comes from the name of an ancient plant. In the past, these plants were widespread and formed a large percentage of the world’s vegetation. With changes in climate and the expansion of humankind, they are now confined to the tropics.

However, if you find a Zamia in the forest, you know you are in a healthy ecosystem.

With this in mind, we help nurture your team and their campaigns to grow, by cultivating a communications and engagement initiative that is sustainable for your organization.

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Our Team

Ana V Mandri

Ana has worked for the non-profit sector for over 19 years. She has successfully led efforts ranging from supporting Indigenous and rural communities with communication, marketing and commerce strategies, to creating financial mechanisms to ensure conservation programs.

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Sean Southey

Sean Southey has over 30 years of experience in the international development and communications field. With a multi-sectoral background, Sean started his career with 5 years in the Canadian Ministry of Environment, followed by 12 years working with the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) environment team.

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Alleyne Regis

Alleyne is a passionate conservation and social justice media professional with over 25 years of Entertainment-Education and Social and Behavior Change Communications experience.

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James Bartram

James is a Social Entrepreneur and Pedagogue with over 20 years’ experience advancing conservation ethic and building constituency for nature conservation, with a track record of generating exponential growth. He truly believes that youth are the hope of the world, and empowers all individuals, letting them know that they are capable, powerful, knowledgeable, and important.

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Safia Southey

Safia is a passionate human rights activist, learner, and world explorer. Raised by international travelers and development practitioners, she has been lucky to grow up in Cairo, Paris, Amman, Menton, and NYC, in…

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Pilar Sordo

Maria del Pilar Sordo Sánchez, a nature and mountain lover, studied a Bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences and currently works as a project assistant at Zamia Media, Canada INC. Within her professional experience she…

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Carlos Estrada

Carlos del Ángel Estrada Marcos, passionate about nature, landscapes, geography and strategy games, studied Earth Sciences and currently works as a fundraising coordinator at the El Triunfo A.C. Conservation Fund.

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Carlos Herrera

Carlos Herrera is a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker with more than 13 years of experience specializing in exploration, community development and environmental conservation projects.

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Tania Sommers

Tania’s professional experience has been mixed between two main areas: Data Analytics & Psychotherapy. This has helped her to become a positive & strategic leader with strong business knowledge and analytical skills who is also passionate about human development and positive psychology.

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Victor Mahbub

Victor Mahbub is a Civil Engineer with a Master's Degree in Project Planning Development. Director of Ciima Sustentable, where they carry out projects, design, engineering and sustainable solutions for saving electricity and water. They install solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems and provide water treatment for reuse.

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Diana Llama

Diana Llama studied Clinical Psychology at the Universidad Intercontinental, Body Psychotherapist by Core Energetics Institute, New York and CORPORE Mexico. She is a Specialist in Non-Dual Consciousness Therapeutic Approach by Transformational Training Institute, New York. She is also a dance therapist by Brecha Institute, Buenos Aires Argentina (Systemic Training in DMT).


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Patricia M del Moral

Patricia is a professional photographer based in Kingston, ON. Before joining Zamia, Patricia was involved in the Real Estate and Industrial Design industries in Mexico City, providing a fresh and dynamic approach to those businesses. 

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Cristina Balcázar Escalera

Cristina is passionate about the social and participatory realm of conservation and international development. With over 10 years of work experience in both the humanitarian and environmental sectors in Mexico and internationally Cristina aims to empower humans creatively towards a culture of change and leadership via project management and project operation.

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Bárbara Esponda Palacios

Bárbara is currently studying a Bachelor's degree in Social Transformation at the Tecnológico de Monterrey.  She is part of the Zamia team's Internship Communication Program, researching and designing tools to help increase the impact of civil associations.

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Claudia Monroy Valentino

Project manager
Natural Spaces and Sustainable Development A.C. (Endesu)

“In September 2020 Natural Spaces and Sustainable Development A.C. (Endesu) and Zamia Media partnered to implement a fundraising strategy to guarantee the conservation of the golden eagle in Mexico. Thanks to this valuable collaboration, Endesu today has a department of Public Relations and Fundraising that has been advised and trained by Zamia Media and a strategy operating in favor of the conservation of the golden eagle and its habitat, for which we hope to continue associated with the Zamia team for a long time.”

Rodrigo Migoya von Bertrab

Niños y Crías AC

“We have filled out the Zamia Media CSO Assessment Tool as a team. It seems formidable to us to know, quickly, our strengths and weaknesses but above all to know that we can continue to count on your support to be able to strengthen ourselves and continue with continuous improvement in this work that fills us so much.”

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