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Meaningful Campaigns

Bringing together behavior change experts in areas of:

  • Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainability
  • Social Justice
  • Health

We support the design, implementation, and delivery of all your community engagement campaigns. 

With ENDESU (Espacios Naturales y Desarrollo Sustentable A.C.) and Fondo Mexicano, we built a Financial Strategy to Conserve the Endangered Golden Eagle in Mexico.

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Strategic Communication

We provide you with strategic planning and communications to leverage the power of media to build your impact, brand, and sustainability.

We work with every media platform from community theatre, serial dramas, murals, and local fairs, through to global online campaigns that reach millions.

With the Pan American Health Organization and the St. Lucian Ministry of Health, Zamia Media has held a series of workshops in St. Lucia to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. These workshops have dealt with strategy development, COVID-19 stories, and public engagement interventions.

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Capacity Building

We build the capacity of your team to utilize communications to effectively support your mission.

We focus on ensuring impact on the ground while enhancing the excellence of your team. We build learning into every communications and engagement initiative we design. Our job is to help you succeed not just today, on one issue, but in all of the work you do into the future.

CityBanamex Foundation partnered with Zamia Media to train leaders, employees and volunteers of NGOs in how to strengthen their communication and marketing capacities to work on social, ecological and justice causes.

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Inclusive Education

We support your development of education and youth programs, as well as create strategies for formal education, youth-serving agencies, NGOs, and other civic institutions.

We want to create an environment where learning is fun, social, and transformative for each stage of development of your target audience.

Zamia Media has prepared lesson plans and a distribution strategy to support the Montreal Protocol and the UN Ozone Secretariat along with the South African company, Rooftop. These efforts are aimed at helping teachers inform and engage students on the importance of ozone and environmental protection.

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