Our Partners

At Zamia Media, we are committed to working in partnership and enhancing the capacity of our partners to create a just, healthy, and sustainable world.

Below are a few of our incredible partners.

Reset Earth

Working with a South African company, Rooftop, Zamia Media has prepared lesson plans and a distribution strategy to support the Montreal Protocol and the UN Ozone Secretariat. These efforts are aimed at helping teachers inform and engage students on the importance of ozone and environmental protection.

Video Story Toolkit

As part of the #NatureForAll movement, Zamia Media has prepared a comprehensive set of online learning modules to help people tell their conservation stories through video. Available in English, Spanish, and French, this video series takes one through the process of envisioning, writing, filming, editing, and distributing a powerful video–all produced on your phone.


Zamia Media has been supporting the Commission on Economic, Social, and Environmental Policy (CEESP) to design and launch a catalytic new campaign set up to challenge the existing myths and preconceptions inhibiting the environmental movement. This work has included conceptual support, logo design, animation creation, and website construction, all of which can be found at

Saving the Golden Eagle

With the financial support of Fondo Mexicano, Zamia Media is partnering with the Mexican NGO ENDESU to create a new and sustainable funding model to protect the national bird of Mexico, the Golden Eagle. An "Ambassador" and "Champion" program is proving to be a powerful tool in raising funds and increasing awareness of the precarious situation of the Golden Eagle.

Supporting BFREE to grow

Zamia Media is working with BFREE to strengthen its communication and outreach mechanisms and create a sustainable funding model. As a flagship and world-class field station, the BFREE site is home to some of the most incredible species remaining in Belize.

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Working with the Pan American Health Organization and the St. Lucian Ministry of Health, Zamia Media has held a series of workshops in St. Lucia to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. These workshops have dealt with strategy development, COVID-19 stories, and public engagement interventions.

Restoring America’s Estuaries

Zamia Media supporting the design, layout and communications plan for Restore America’s Estuaries flagship 10 year publication “The Economic Value of America’s Estuaries”.

Communicating Migratory Species

Zamia Media is working with the UN Convention on Migratory Species to create a communications, accession and behavior change strategy to support their important work on reducing risks to migratory species. 

Strengthening CitiBanamex Foundation’s NGO partners

CitiBanamex Foundation has supported hundreds of NGOs in Mexico working with social, ecological and justice causes. These causes address the most critical challenges facing humanity: ending poverty, providing access to education, improving the quality of life of vulnerable populations, supporting youth, etc. However, CitiBanamex has realized that many of these amazing NGOs lack the communication skills that allow them to promote their causes, attract more support and communicate their results in a creative, powerful and effective way. For this reason, CitiBanamex is partnering with Zamia Media to train leaders, employees and volunteers of NGOs in how to strengthen their communication and marketing capacities to allow these different organizations to make their causes more visible.