ENDESU (Espacios Naturales y Desarrollo Sustentable A.C.) and Fondo Mexicano

Building a Financial Strategy to Conserve the Endangered Golden Eagle in Mexico

The Outcomes

The Golden Eagle is the national bird of Mexico. It lives on the flag of Mexico, it is an integral part of the cultural mosaic of the country, and is shared in millions of images, brands and messages. Sadly, however, the Golden Eagle is endangered in Mexico and less than 200 nesting pairs remain. If the situation is not rectified, this national symbol may disappear.

In light of this dire situation, and with financial support from Fondo Mexican, Zamia Media has been working with ENDESU to raise the funding needed to conserve this iconic species. Together, we designed a strategy based on engaging Ambassadors and Champions for the Golden Eagle. Ambassadors are individuals who use their particular talents, networks and resources. These include famous chefs offering “cooking classes for the cause”, speakers donating conference fees and artists designing materials to sell and donate for Golden Eagle conservation. More than just providing resources, these Ambassadors are engaging their extensive networks, beyond traditional environmentalists, in understanding and protecting the Golden Eagle.

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